Unemployment In Pakistan And Its Causes

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                                                        Unemployment In Pakistan


Unemployment is a global problem. Mostly the problem occur in developing countries of the world which not only affect them socially but also physically. The Study focuses on the causes and consequences of unemployment in Pakistan.

Here We Will Discuss about Two Thing

  1. Unemployment
  2. Factors of Unemployment

First we have to know what Unemployment is….?


It is refer to the condition of being unemployed or to the number of proportion of people on the working population who are unemployed.

Now we will discuss about the types of Unemployment.

There are generally two types of unemployment…

Voluntary Unemployment:

Unemployment when attributed to the personal decision (leaving one job and looking for another).

Involuntary Unemployment:

Unemployment when attributed to the socio-economic environment (external environment).

Causes Of Unemployment In Pakistan:-

Generally many factors are responsible or causes of the unemployment in Pakistan main causes of them are given below:-

  • Unequal Distribution of Resources
  • Poor governance
  • Political instability
  • Corruption and Nepotism
  • Under developing industrial sector
  • Landless rural area
  • Management inefficiency
  • Globalization
  • Decreased investment
  • Population growth
  • Poor status of education
  • Energy and Resources Crises


How to Measure Unemployment:-

We can find the percentage of unemployment any country or region by using the simple formula.


Unemployment in pakistan



According to World Bank The Rate Of Unemployment in Pakistan in 2002 Is 7.8




It is a very dangerous and hilarious problem for the whole world. Same is the case with Pakistan with multiple challenges. Pakistan has eradicate this social and economic evils along with its aspects to the maximum extents.


By : Syed Nazar Shah


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