Udta Punjab Facing Censor Board

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UDTA Punjab Facing A Critical Situation.

The talk surrounding the Shahid Kapoor-Alia Bhatt starrer, Udta Punjab appears to have created huge furor the various Bollywood fraternity.

the upcoming flick revolves across the teens of Punjab and the impact substance abuse has on them.

Now Udta Punjab is facing a problem by censor board in releasing, Udta punjab is movies related teens of Punjab.

Celebs are voicing situation towards the valuable Board for movie Certification (CBFC) and it’s choice to censor the word Punjab in the approaching movie and its thought of reportedly 94 cuts from the film for its immoderate use of profanities.

some thing that attacks the freedom of expression is worryingwe’re all collectively and could speak up,” stated dual carriageway director Imtiaz Ali.

Udta Punjab:

PK main man, Aamir Khan additionally chimed in and conveyed his disapproval: “This kind of thing reflects badly on the CBFC. it’s a social film with an awesome social message. I do not think there’s some thing that must be reduce or no longerproven to the target marketit’s very crucial that filmmakers have a voice which isn’t always throttled.”

Filmmaker Karan Johar wrote, “Are we meant to say that capsules aren’t being ate up in parts of the u . s . a .? No, no, all people‘s simply high on mithai. Is baby powder what is being sniffed by available and interested nostrils? rarely do mainstream stars step out in their comfort zones to do movies that replicate truth, now you are scaring away those who do.”

Amitabh Bachchan, alternatively, took a more nuanced method.

i am now not pretty aware about what the difficulty is, i have been studying about it. All i’m able to say is that do not try tokill creativity. in case you kill creativity, you kill the soul and that is all that we (artists) have; that might be adverse.”

Wishing good luck to team of udta punjab, hope The Movie will release very soon and it will fly ( udta punjab ) across world.

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