Taliban Topmost Asks Cohorts to Impose Sharia

September 12, 2016 11:56 am0 commentsViews: 5

Taliban new front-runner Mullah Akhundzada has probed his cohorts to “enforce Sharia and good governance” in areas under their rheostat.

He further urged Taliban officials of the military commission, governors, courts and commanders of the armed units to maintain security and justice, implementation of Sharia and efficient governance.hawks note picsThe new front-runner chief talked about diplomatic efforts for a political process but at the same time pushed his fighters to continue what he called ‘Jihad’.

“During the initial years of occupation, our obligation was to combat against the enemy but now as we have control over many areas of the country”  he alleged.

“It is time we should reap the fruit of the 15 year-long jihad ,” he stated in his Eidul Azha message.

While explaining the group’s intentions, the Taliban chief stressed on the  implementation of the “Divine Sharia on the land of Allah; to establish justice; maintain stability and security; to protect frontiers and defend life, property, honor and all other God-given rights of the countrymen.”

Despite claims by the Taliban leaders’ to push for political process, the group has not yet shown willingness to join peace negotiations.

In February, the Taliban refused to take part in talks under the quadrilateral coordination group of Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and the US.



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