My father cut me off when I was 18- Sonam

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Sonam did not rely on her father for her success… Because he didn’t leave her a choice!

According to Indian Express, father Anil Kapoor had cut her off to compel her to make her own decisions in her personal and professional life.

Says Sonam, “My father cut me off when I was 18… He said you want to become an adult, become an adult.”

The Neerja actress adds “I had to take responsibility and I did … and it is one of the best things anybody has ever done for me. You know he said that I never want to make a decision for you. I can tell you what is right or what is wrong but at the end you have to make your own decision.”

She is grateful to her father for his decision, despite having her share of setbacks. Because now, ‘every misstep and every triumph’ in her journey has been her own.

“I love it, because I can attribute a lot to my father … but every decision that I made in my career, every misstep and every triumph has all been my own.”

She earned applause for films like “Raanjhanaa” and “Neerja”, opened up about how it is being a star kid while talking to actress Tara Sharma in her “The Tara Sharma Show”, read a statement.

The episode of the fourth season will air on Star World and Star World HD on Sunday.

About her career, the “Khoobsurat” star said that even though she aspired to be like her father, she never really wanted to be an actor initially.

She also mentioned how she would like to start a family some day, but isn’t looking to settle down any time soon.


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