I’ll not allow anybody to make film on me-Sallu Bhai

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Sallu Bhai (salman khan) is one of those people who’s life can be inspiration for others and many films can be made on his life BUT he said he will not allow anybody to make a film on his life.

Biopics may be all the rage in Bollywood, but here’s one that’ll be a challenge to make: Sallu Bhai (Salman Khan) says he won’t let any director tell his life story.

The Sultan star Sallu Bhai thinks:

“My life is very boring life. Nobody makes a film on such a boring life…”

But that’s not the only reason he gave.

According to New Indian Express, Salman added that “many people will die in my biopic.”

It’s unclear whether this was a cavalier reference to the 2002 hit-and-run case involving him. A homeless man died and several others were injured when Salman’s car ran over the pavement on which they were sleeping. He was acquitted of all charges in December 2015, but that decision is now being challenged in the Supreme Court.

This isn’t the only controversy to have surrounded Salman. The actor has also made headlines for shooting dead an endangered animal, assaulting a former Miss World and most recently, his “raped woman” comment.

Yet, the actor insists his life is too uneventful for a big screen venture.

Should a biopic be made on him, he’s the only one who’d be able to provide notes on his life.

To a query if he would allow any film maker to make a film on his life, he said: “No, never, because for that one will have to write it down and the only one who can write it down is me or my brothers or my sisters and that too some bits of it because they don’t know everything.”

Sallu Bhai also said “nobody” can play my role on screen.

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