New Katrina Ranbir rumours about film

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New Katrina Ranbir rumours. Katrina,Ranbir aren’t together. Their next film Jagga Jagoos isn’t even out yet, and rumours have it that Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif have roles in another film together.

But as is often the case, the rumours have turned out to be false.

The film in question, a small-budget film titled Fuddu, is said to feature Ranbir in a small part, where he recites a poem.

New Katrina Ranbir rumours:

But Katrina’s got nothing to do with the film, says a source to DNA India:

“Katrina is not at all a part of the project. And it has nothing to do with Ranbir as well. She was never approached for the film and she finds it odd how people quickly the rumours began and spread.”

Another source maintains that the rumours are merely a publicity stunt:

“The makers know that their film is a small-budget project and are just merely trying to gain publicity by bringing in Kat’s name along with Ranbir’s. It’s true that RK has recited a poem in the film. But Kat has not even done that much. To figure out how these stories erupted, is a no-brainer.”

One thing’s for sure: this ex-couple isn’t reuniting on the big screen any more than they have to.


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