Nargis Fakhri Feels Wary Tiring Skimpy Stuff

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Nargis Fakhri who is an American model and actress and turned herself in Bollywood films revealed she shies away from nakedness required in Bollywood.


While speaking to media persons about her film Housefull 3, Nargis exposed she shies away from nudity required in Bollywood. She also propounded, “It’s good that people liked me. In Bollywood, they like to put us in short clothes. And I am very shy, I don’t like wearing revealing stuff though my image is such”.

Nargis Fakhri began her career as a model and appeared as a contestant in the The CW series America’s Next Top Model.

Thumping the Bollywood industry’s trend for body dynamics, Nargis said, “Unfortunately, it’s a body-obsessed industry. You want to see someone like me shaking and dancing.”

The Rock star actor revealed that she faced hostile reactions for being an outsider. “I was at the receiving end of much criticism. It’s difficult to make it if you’re not born or raised here. It’s tough coming from another place because things work differently here. But I kept reminding myself that things would get better, not worse,” she said.

Nargis went onto say that she is comfortable to do any kind of work, until she can cover her expenses with it. “I can do anything else. I can be anything I want to be. In my country any job is fine, no one is going to judge me. As long as I can pay my bills, afford my meals and have a home,” she added.

I can balance personal life with my professional assignments equally, Nargis Fakhri

The actor explained how she maintains a balance between her professional and personal life. “I have a home and a life. I balance work with my regular life. As long as people hire me, I must be doing something right. If they stop hiring me, I won’t come here anymore.”

“I do feel lonely and most of the times I talk to myself,” she reveals. Counting her managers, her driver and her domestic staff as friends she says. “I spend so much time with them. In fact, I even help my maid clean up, she added.



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