Mishi Khan Endures Plastic Surgery, why???

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Mishi Khan undergoes plastic surgery many times to achieve; what she calls size zero to coming back to her regular size and even occasional nips and tucks. The acting old hand Mishi Khan finds no shame in owning up to the rather radical changes that she had to accept, in a bid to stay evergreen.

In the entertainment industry, plastic surgery or the process of altering or retaining one’s physical endowments is neither a rare event, nor a private one.

Talking to media persons, the actor-host Mishi Khan said, “I think it is our responsibility to maintain our looks. People follow us and we do not realize how many women are influenced by our actions.”

Mishi Khan feels it is her duty to show her fans that even after all these years, she did not lose her charm.

Azfar Rizvi’s Janaan has marked Khan’s return to the silver screen and her debut in new-age Pakistani cinema. While she has been out of the acting scene for a while, she insisted that the film is not her comeback.

mishi khan

“I didn’t go anywhere in the first place. I just wasn’t appearing in serials and plays for the past 3 years. I don’t take fame seriously because one day it’s there, the other day it is not,” she alleged.

But things with her current pre-occupation, a morning show called Sahar Mishi Ke Saath, are quite different. Hosting is where her true calling lies and hence, Khan does not mind losing out on other things.

“I can’t commit to other projects but this is important because it allows me to connect to people in a real way.”

It was Sahar Mishi Ke Saath that introduced her to the Janaan team, three years ago, when they had appeared on her show to promote their film Siyaah. “Imran Kazmi later called me and asked me to be a part ofJanaan.” For someone who has appeared in films such as Abhi Nahi Toh Kabhi Nahi and Nikah back in the 1990s, the offer was tempting. “I really liked my Janaan character so I decided to do it. A modern approach and state-of-the-art equipment further enhanced the film’s appeal,” she said.

Mishi Khan feels her real-life personality is quite similar to her on-screen persona in the Armeena Rana-starrer. While Khan did manage to hold her own in the film, we were often left wondering how she is related to the big happy family in the story.

That was, however, a plot loophole that Khan could not have possibly helped.

Starting out her acting career with Uroosa and appearing in hit dramas such as Ajaib KhanaTipu Sultan and most recently Parchaiyaan, Khan has over the years done it all.

“I have done most of the roles offered to women … the bechari(helpless), the girl-next-door type and even the negative roles.” Looking back at her acting debut, which she made at the age of 17, Khan said her character was an emancipated young woman who had a mind of her own. “One doesn’t get roles like that anymore.”




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