Maria Sharapova joined Harvard Business School ?

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Has Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova joined Harvard Business School to pursue a degree programme?

It would seem so, after the five-time Grand Slam winner posted a photo on her official Facebook page Saturday saying, “Not sure how this happened but hey Harvard! Can’t wait to start the programme!”

Maria Sharapova joined Harvard Business School?

In a massive blow to her tennis career, Sharapova, 29, was handed a two-year ban by the International Tennis Federation on June 8 after testing positive for banned drug Meldonium during the Australian Open earlier this year.

The ban, which will be back-dated to Jan 26 this year, meaning the results of the Australian Open where she reached the quarter-finals, would be disqualified.

Sharapova, the world’s highest-paid female athlete said she had been taking the drug for a decade to treat diabetes and low magnesium.

Meldonium was added to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) list of banned substances at the start of the year after evidence that it boosted blood flow and enhanced athletic performance.

The ITF’s anti-doping program calls for a four-year suspension for a positive test, but that ban can be reduced in various circumstances, such as for first-time offences or if the player shows no significant fault or negligence. If a player bears no fault or negligence, there is no suspension.

Sharapova has also planned to appeal her ban in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

“While the tribunal concluded correctly that I did not intentionally violate the anti-doping rules, I cannot accept an unfairly harsh two-year suspension,” Sharapova said earlier.

“The tribunal, whose members were selected by the ITF, agreed that I did not do anything intentionally wrong, yet they seek to keep me from playing tennis for two years. I will immediately appeal the suspension portion of this ruling to CAS, the Court of Arbitration for Sport,” she said.

Maria Sharapova joined Harvard, she has 35 WTA singles titles and has won all four of the sport’s grand slam titles.

Her career earnings amount to $36 million while her off-court earnings, according to Forbes, are around $200 million.

After the ban, Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer cut its ties with Sharapova while other brands such as Nike and Porsche distanced themselves from her.

The ban means she will miss this year’s Wimbledon championships, the title she won as a teenager to launch her career into orbit in 2004, and the Rio Olympics.

Maria Sharapova joined Harvard Business School.

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  • Arshad Sherif, M.A., M.Ed.

    It is a sad day for Harvard. The high esteem in which Harvard is held has dropped a notch or two by its admittance of Maria Sharapova. Maria Sharapova was, for a relatively brief time, an international tennis star. But she quickly used her tennis stardom to become a model and an international sex symbol. She is certainly not known for her brain power.

    It is not that Maria Sharapova doesn’t have a college degree: She doesn’t even have a high school diploma. She has been in tennis ever since her little hands could hold a tennis racket. And it is only for a very short time in her life that this 6’2″ sex symbol had hands that were little.

    Her fingers are sexy. Her hands are sexy. Everything about Maria Sharapova is sexy.

    She won Wimbledon at the age of 17 and so she didn’t live the life of a normal adolescent. She never went through regular schooling. Not even basic schooling. For her to win Wimbledon at age of 17, tennis had to become her entire life around the age that a normal girl attends her first full day of school.

    But for Maria Sharapova it was precisely the time that she began her tennis journey. As well as the journey into beauty and sexiness. But no man obsessed with her beauty when she was that age would ever admit it. Surely she still remembers the glances of men who looked at her inappropriately. When she was far too little to be looked at that way.

    Now that she is 29, no one has any problem admitting that she is sexy and beautiful. But her intense sexuality doesn’t just bring men to their knees. It brings Harvard to its knees.

    And that is why it is indeed a sad day for Harvard. Harvard has succumbed to the beauty of Maria Sharapova. Just like any man is bound at some point to succumb to the beauty of Maria Sharapova,

    Maria Sharapova desires to make herself part of Harvard. And Harvard was too weak to say no. Too aroused to say no. Too erect to say no.

    Harvard is behaving like a man with a powerful sex-drive. Harvard is behaving like a man who hasn’t ejaculated for a long time. Harvard is obsessed with Maria Sharapova.

    How else can you explain the admittance of Maria Sharapova to the Harvard Business School? Yes, it is true that it is not the MBA program that she has been admitted to. Nor is it a regular four-year undergraduate program. She will be pursuing an executive program that is of a very short duration. Harvard has a number of these short-duration executive programs that last from one week to several weeks. But the length of the program that Maria Sharapova will be pursuing at Harvard is not clear.

    Before we get into the problem for Harvard, let us first mention two problems for Maria Sharapova. First, the entire world now knows that her doping appeal, the appeal that she said she was pursuing, is a complete lie. If she was pursuing the appeal with any sincerity, she would have waited for a verdict on her appeal, which is expected around July 18, before embarking on a course of study. The job of the lawyer that she has hired is probably to make sure that the outcome of the appeal comes down firmly against her. It is her intention to retire from tennis.

    The other problem for Maria Sharapova is that she is fraudulently making everyone believe that she will be pursuing a serious academic program. The first thought that would come to the mind of the intelligent person when he sees her tweet or her Facebook post about Harvard Business School, as well as the accompanying photo, is that she will be pursuing an MBA program.

    But we must forgive her. She is a beautiful female athlete suffering from the awful stigma of being uneducated. They don’t come any shallower than Maria Sharapova.

    The problem for Harvard is that they are admitting a gorgeous beauty who sounds thoroughly uneducated every time she opens her mouth. She is as sexy as can be when she talks, but every time you listen to her you wonder whether she can write a complete sentence, or whether she can read or understand an entire paragraph.

    Certainly not any paragraph in any Harvard business textbook. She is clearly far from ready to pursue a course of study at Harvard. Even an executive program. There is little doubt that even these short programs have a college degree as a prerequisite. And Maria Sharapova doesn’t even have a high school diploma.

    Harvard has clearly decided that her exceptional beauty more than makes up for any missing prerequisites. For Harvard, no previous educational requirement is required when the applicant is as beautiful as Maria Sharapova. Harvard certainly knows beauty when it sees it.

    It appears that Harvard has its fair share of the male professor who will readily sign the required paperwork that allows a beautiful girl to register for his class without having the prerequisites for the class. No male professor has ever had too many girls who are willing to undress. For some strange reason, there is never enough girls who are willing to get their grade for the course by getting laid. No professor ever complains of too many college women wanting to do an “A for a lay.”

    Nor is it a money issue for Harvard. Harvard didn’t admit Maria Sharapova because it wants her money. Harvard doesn’t need Maria Sharapova’s money. The Harvard Business School has an annual endowment that is over three billion dollars.

    Harvard never runs after students. That’s until it saw Maria Sharapova.

    But Maria Sharapova has a lot more to offer than money. And now we see that it is not just men who have testosterone. The lifeless rock-solid walls of Harvard are overflowing with testosterone. Testosterone that has been brought to the boiling point by one very beautiful athlete who has come to the end of her distinguished career. She has given the lifeless red bricks of Harvard a rock-solid erection.

    Harvard has succumbed to the intense beauty of Maria Sharapova.

    The benefits to Harvard are clear. The Harvard Business School has a faculty of 200. Harvard wants to keep its faculty happy so that they remain at Harvard. Adding money to their salary is never enough inducement because the business faculty is largely comprised of men and women who have made their mark on the business world and are already wealthy. Others make more money by their expert consulting activity. So money is not an issue for the Harvard Business faculty.

    If Harvard wants to keep and recruit the best faculty possible it has to be innovative in its non-monetary inducement. And so Harvard now has Maria Sharapova. She will provide enough inducement for its present faculty to stay. And for prospective faculty to come.

    Surely having Maria Sharapova in his class is a great honor for any faculty member. But experiencing her in the flesh is even more of an inducement. An inducement to stay. And for others, an inducement to come.

    And so Maria Sharapova will be there just long enough to sleep with every single member of the Harvard Business faculty. Yes, both men and woman. It is not just men who desire this woman. Every woman on the faculty would surely want to experience the joy of bedding Maria Sharapova. Distinguished female members of the faulty want to go down on Maria Sharapova. And they want Maria Sharapova to return the favor.

    The Harvard male faculty would surely want to experience the buttocks of Maria Sharapova. Highly accomplished men are known to have a powerful sex drive. And very member of the Harvard male faculty wants to go deep inside the buttocks of Maria Sharapova.

    The genius of the Harvard recruiters is that they asked themselves a very simple question: Would having sex with Maria Sharapova be enough of an inducement to keep our best faculty?

    And they arrived at the right answer. If anyone has ever wondered what Maria Sharapova will be doing with her time after tennis, the answer is now clear: She will be sleeping with all two hundred members of the Harvard Business faculty. One at a time.

    An interesting question is how many she can do in one day. I would say three men and two women. Women take longer.

    So she needs to be at Harvard for about six weeks. Many of their executive programs run for about that length of time.

    This is the beginning of a long and mutually satisfying relationship between Harvard and Maria Sharapova. She will release the tension inside the intensely driven members of the Harvard faculty. And they will do the same for her. If they are satisfied with what she has to offer, she will be back. She will be back for more education. And she will be back for higher degrees. Maria Sharapova would love to get an MBA from Harvard. And she would love to get her Ph.D. from Harvard.

    So if you think that Maria Sharapova sounds utterly uneducated right now, if you feel that she is the perfect example of the dumb blonde, how does Dr. Maria Sharapova sound to you?

    Maria Sharapova and Harvard Business School is a union made in heaven. Surely that’s how the Harvard faculty sees it. It is a relationship that will last a long time. Harvard has much to offer Maria Sharapova. It has executive programs. It has an MBA. It has a Ph.D. Education is something that Maria Sharapova has a desperate need for right now. At 29, she suddenly realizes that tennis has robed her of so much. She can forgive tennis for just about everything it has taken from her. Except one thing: education.

    In return, Maria Sharapova has much to offer Harvard. Surely the Harvard faculty will have a magnificent time with her. She has so much to offer the academic man. So much to offer the academic woman. Not that Harvard doesn’t already have its share of beautiful young women in the classroom. But we can be sure that no member of the Harvard faculty, in the university’s long and distinguished history, has ever taken to bed a student as hot as Maria Sharapova. Or reached with his student a climax of the intensity that Maria Sharapova can deliver.

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