Fb Messenger now supports 3D Touch on iPhone 6S

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Fb Messenger now supports 3D Touch on iPhone 6S, You all must be familiar with Apple’s 3D touch, which it introduced with its iPhone 6s last year. It presented an entirely new way to interact with your phone, as for the first time, iPhone senses how much pressure you apply to the display.

In addition to familiar Multi‑Touch gestures like Tap, Swipe, and Pinch, 3D Touch introduced Peek and Pop feature, bringing a new dimension of functionality to the iPhone experience.

Fb Messenger now supports 3D Touch on iPhone 6S:

Integrating Apple’s 3D touch into apps was a huge task, even for the social media giant Facebook as it said that it would take a while to integrate Apple’s 3D Touch features on the iPhone 6S.

Facebook was able to integrate it into the main app, allowing iPhone 6S users to peek and pop within the main Facebook app for some time.

Just two months before the next iPhone’s launch, Facebook is bringing the peek and pop feature to Messenger.

Taking advantage of the pressure sensitive 6S screen, the chat app would now let you preview conversations, photos, GIFs, videos, stickers, links, and more.

iphone 3D touch

However, people who were hoping this functionality would let them check messages without other person getting the read receipt would not be very thrilled. Just peeking into a conversation would send the sender a read receipt even if you never fully open it.

But this 3D functionality is not going bring any significant change in the ways we use Messenger, although it could make things slightly faster if you even remember the feature’s there after a week.

Apply iphone 6S provide 3D touch to its users and Fb Messenger now supports 3D Touch of apple iphone 6S. This is latest technology of apple company’s iphone 6S.


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